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New Can Release: Tilted Saddle Saison

New Can Release: Tilted Saddle Saison

When I first heard that we were working on a new saison for our house beer list, my initial reaction was “YESSSS!”

“Wait, what’s a saison?”

If you’re like me, you probably thought saison (pronounced say-zon) was a fancy French wine or the name of a cool Bond villain (“We meet again, Dr. Saison!”). But, in actuality, saison is a beer named after the French word for “season”— also sometimes referred to as a farmhouse-style ale.

Our new Tilted Saddle Saison isn’t brewed on a farm but our friends at Golden Road Brewing have helped us create a unique farmhouse-style ale filled with floral tropical notes as well as white pepper spice- ABV 6.5%.

If you’re telling yourself you can’t wait to try it, I’ve got some good news for you!

Starting tomorrow, September 11 at 10am PST, you can pre-order your own exclusive four-pack of Tilted Saddle Saison. Orders can be picked up at your local Lazy Dog between October 1 and October 8. Supplies are limited, so make sure you don’t miss out! (Tilted Saddle will be on tap at all locations starting September 25.)

To pre-order your four-pack.

*Offered at select locations in California and Nevada

Words by Colin Liotta
Photos by Rebecca Simms
Questions? Comments? Email: [email protected]

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